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Wednesday March 14th, 2018
Drink water from your own well—share your love only with your wife.
Proverbs 5:15, NLT
It’s an obvious solution, largely ignored—chastity. As more than one wit has said, “It works every time it’s tried!” Over the past ten years, we’ve heard much about the sexual revolution, the new morality, and sexual freedom. But recently we’ve heard about many of the consequences of promiscuity—unwanted pregnancies and venereal diseases.

It has gotten so bad that most leading health experts are saying that VD, including AIDS, has reached epidemic proportions.

The proposed solutions? Preparation … protection … prophylactics. The symptoms are seen as the problem. And so condoms are advertised on television and school clinics have been dispensing them.

Although few would admit it, the underlying presupposition for this line of thinking is that we are animals, unable to control our sexual urges. “Kids are going to have sex,” we are told, “so they should learn how to protect themselves.”

I disagree. Having worked with young people for nearly three decades, I know they are more intelligent than that. Given love, encouragement, information, and limits, they can be very responsible. Instead of giving up on teenagers, we should be helping them learn how to make the right choices and how to do what is right. This responsibility includes having the courage to say NO.

Simply defined, “chastity” means: “abstention from certain sexual activity, specifically sexual intercourse.” It’s not easy to abstain in a world that overrates sex. When every message you hear on television, in the movies, and in popular music implies that sex is the ultimate pleasure, it’s difficult to put it out of your mind. Stir in raging hormones and permissive adults, and there’s a volatile mix.

Of course, as most sexually active adults know, the truth is that sex is not all there is to a relationship or to life. We know from experience how grossly overrated it is. Why, then, do we continue to perpetuate the myth?

I think one reason is that we hate to admit the truth, even to ourselves. We’d rather fantasize and believe that somewhere, somehow, it’s possible to live in a state of continual sexual satisfaction and pleasure. We envy the young for their energy and drive … and we don’t think chastity is possible.

Chastity is also ignored as a serious solution because our society doesn’t want to deny anybody anything. We live with the mistaken idea that a person ought to do whatever he or she wants with his or her body … and suffer no negative consequences. It’s idiotic … but we really think that way.

Let’s wake up to reality. Chastity (abstaining from sexual intercourse until marriage) and fidelity (being true to the marriage partner) are the only sure ways to stop the epidemic. Let’s teach how to say no.
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