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New Living Translation - Women’s Devotional
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Wednesday August 8th, 2018
Stay away from every kind of evil.
1 Thessalonians 5:22, NLT
A young, newly married bank examiner was required to spend a lot of time traveling, often with other employees who were women. These work associates would often travel together, work together all day, eat dinner together, and then stay in the same hotel—all in a town where neither of them knew anyone else. This man knew this situation was a risk that could be detrimental to his marriage. He asked not to travel alone with other women. His boss was able to accommodate him for a while, but soon it became impossible. The man, recognizing the potential danger and the possible consequences of flirting with danger, pursued another job.

Those who place themselves in alluring situations are playing with fire—and people who scoop fire into their laps can expect to get burned. Many affairs occur because a spouse flirts with temptation, thinking he or she will not succumb. Yet they do, resulting in shame and disgrace, broken promises and failed relationships.

Reduce the odds of temptation by controlling the circumstances that threaten to cause you to fall. Remember Paul’s warning:

“Stay away from every kind of evil.”

Many affairs happen among couples who are close friends in the neighborhood, at church, or at work. A simple flirtation leads to an innocent meeting that leads to a dangerous rendezvous. A momentary indiscretion yields a lifetime of regret.

Make note of the following suggestions and act on them to abstain from all appearances of evil: Do not visit someone of the opposite sex alone at home. Do not go to lunch alone with a member of the opposite sex. Do not kiss any person of the opposite sex or show affection that could be questioned.

One of the greatest threats to the marriages of many businesspersons is travel. Practice the following to abstain from the appearance of evil: If at all possible, do not travel alone. Take family photos with you, and place them where you can view them. Unplug the pay channels on the television set. Call your family every night.

Does this seem extreme? Marriage is too precious a gift to take lightly, and in a society that values marriage less and less, we must sometimes take extreme measures to guard it ourselves.
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