Excerpt and Insight from today’s reading
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The book of Ezekiel is filled with mystery, but don’t let that deter from seeking God’s truth within it!


Excerpt from today’s reading:


1On April 28, during the twenty-fifth year of our captivity—fourteen years after the fall of Jerusalem—the LORD took hold of me. 2In a vision from God he took me to the land of Israel and set me down on a very high mountain. From there I could see toward the south what appeared to be a city. 3As he brought me nearer, I saw a man whose face shone like bronze standing beside a gateway entrance. He was holding in his hand a linen measuring cord and a measuring rod.

4He said to me, “Son of man, watch and listen. Pay close attention to everything I show you. You have been brought here so I can show you many things. Then you will return to the people of Israel and tell them everything you have seen.”


Daily insight:


Ezekiel 40–48 contains many difficult passages—so difficult, in fact, that the rabbis who compiled the Talmud (the official Jewish commentaries of Scripture) remarked that only the prophet Elijah would be able to fully explain the challenging truths in Ezekiel. Don’t let this fact deter you from seeking truth in Ezekiel’s prophecies, though! Pray that God would help you to understand his Word.


Adapted from the Daily Walk Devotional by Walk Thru the Bible www.walkthru.org.