Excerpt and Insight from today’s reading
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Lessons in the wilderness: most people don’t mind obstacles … as long as they don’t get in their way.


Excerpt from today’s reading:


About every seventh day, you’ll have the chance to pause and reflect on what you’ve been learning. You can use the following devotional to guide your reflections if you’d like. And don’t forget to share what you’ve been learning from the Daily Walk Bible on Facebook or Twitter!


Daily insight:


A dry season in the wilderness does something interesting for a tree: it causes the roots to go down deeper in search of life-giving moisture. And usually the result is a stronger tree that is better able to weather the storms of life.

The same is true of the man or woman of God who faces the hot blast of desert-like conditions. What may at first glance appear to be barren, fruitless days on the “backside of God’s blessing” may, in fact, be preparing you for days of great fruit-bearing just ahead.
Wilderness times will come—expect them. But don’t allow the heat to make you bitter or disobedient toward God. “So let [endurance] grow, for when your endurance is fully developed, you will be perfect and complete, needing nothing” (James 1:4).
The tragedy of the book of Numbers is not that the nation went through the wilderness, but that through disobedience they camped there so long.

By the way, where are you camped these days?


Adapted from the Daily Walk Devotional by Walk Thru the Bible www.walkthru.org.